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MRT Coulson Challenge Cup

mrt challenge cup

Named after a member of Durham Regatta and first presented in 1981.


Year Winner
2017Sat Durham School (Heslop )
WOMEN’S NOVICE sculling (W.Nov.1x)

Race: Race 255 at 18:32
1st place: Durham School (Heslop ) (Pelaw Wood Station)
2nd place: Queen Elizabeth HS (Barnes) (Racecourse Station)
Verdict: Easily
2016Sat Tees RC (Graham)
WOMEN’S NOVICE sculling (W.NOV.1x)

Race: Race 242 at 18:13
1st place: Tees RC (Graham) (Racecourse Station)
2nd place: John Snow College (Deutsch) (Pelaw Wood Station)
Verdict: 2 lengths
2015Sat Trevelyan Coll BC (Birchall)
WOMEN’S NOVICE sculling (W.NOV.1x)

Race: Race 254 at 18:40
1st place: Trevelyan Coll BC (Birchall) (Lane 2)
2nd place: St Cuthbert’s (Brough-Mylod) (Lane 1)
2010Sun Durham Univ BC (Dodd)

Race: Race 220 at 17:51
1st place: Durham Univ BC (Dodd) (Lane 2)
2nd place: John O Gaunt RC (Sullivan) (Lane 1)
Verdict: 1 ½ lengths