Durham Regatta welcomes competitors from outside of the British Isles. We do everything that we can to ensure our foreign guests enjoy their visit to Durham.

If you plan to take part in the Regatta we ask that you contact us well in advance. We will assist you with entering the appropriate events and with logistics. In addition, local dignitaries often wish to make arrangements to welcome you to Durham, and these must be planned.

Competition entries

All foreign competitors must abide by the British Rowing Rules of Racing. The Regatta Committee evaluates whether your entries are appropriate for the races you wish to take part in. Please contact the Entries Secretary, at least a month in advance of the Regatta, to discuss your crew’s experience and racing requirements.

The main entry related issues the Regatta Committee considers are:

  • Crew eligibility – each crew and crew member need to be eligible to compete in the events that they wish to enter. We evaluate this by converting each crew member’s racing experience (win records) into the British Rowing points system.
  • Online entries – your club will need to be registered with British Rowing prior to making your entries. All entries into Durham Regatta are accepted via the British Rowing Online Entries (BROE) system.
  • Race distance – racing takes place over two different course lengths. A number of higher status events are competed over the long course (1800 metres). The remaining events are raced over the short course (700 metres). The entry prospectus details which events are held over each distance.
  • Insurance – racing rules require that all foreign entries are covered by suitable third party liability insurance. You will need to provide proof of your cover to the Entries Secretary.
  • Safety – all racing is conducted under the British Rowing RowSafe Guidance. All equipment must be appropriate for use and maintained accordingly. Durham Regatta specific safety materials will be provided with the racing draw. These should be studied by coaches, coxwains and crew members.