Annual General Meeting 2020

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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 18th November 2020 at 7.00pm facilitated via Zoom. Please find here the Agenda for 2020 and minutes from the 2019 AGM, along with a short report to the meeting. Specific meeting details will follow.

If you are able to, we would be very grateful if you could ‘attend’ the meeting.

We have nominations for most executive posts as listed on the Agenda, but have no nominations to replace the retiring Treasurer.  If you would like to stand for election to any of the posts please contact the Secretary, Andrew Fisk, ( We currently intend to manage elections for contested posts via a (series of) Doodle polls.

The 188th Durham Regatta will take place on June 12th and 13th 2021.

In addition to quarterly Directors meetings and monthly Executive Committee meetings, quarterly Members meetings are held to update members on progress. Proposed dates for Members meetings are February 17th, April 21st and June 23rd 2021. The AGM will be on November 17th 2021.