Regatta receives donations of personal protective equipment

Colin LawsonNews

Durham Regatta in 2021 will be a Covid-secure competition, which places a responsibility on everyone attending to follow Government and British Rowing Guidelines with regard to Covid19. Social distancing and hygeine measures will be in place and face coverings should be worn when on site.
Competitors names and details provided via the BROE system will be used for Test and Trace purposes in the run up to, during and after the competition.  Information will be used by our COVID-19 Officer for Test and Trace purposes, if necessary. Other attendees including volunteers, coaches and helpers will be required to scan the QR codes at race control and the Regatta will also keep contact details for volunteers attending.
Mark Gilbank is the Covid-19 Officer and will be responsible for the handling of all Test and Trace information. If you have any concerns about this, please contact Mark at

PPE from Lidl


All clubs attending are advised to make their own risk assessment around attending, trailer loading, boat rigging and boat sharing.  As there is no access to changing rooms or showers for competition, it is advised that competitors arrive dressed ready to race with adequate spare kit in the event of inclement weather.

Adults involved as competitors, volunteers, coaches, parents/guardians are encouraged to take LFD tests in the week leading up to the competition. Children over 11 years of age can take the tests as well

The Regatta has obtained PPE and cleaning materials to keep both volunteers and competitors Covid safe. We would like to thank local retailers who have kindly donated personal protective equipment and sanitizer, reusable  face masks, hand sanitizer  in 500ml pumps, bacterial wipes, surface wipes and PPE.

The retailers include
  • B&M – Durham Retail Park
  • B&Q – Durham Retail Park
  • Lidl – Dragonville Retail Park
  • Tesco – Dragonville Retail Park
  • Durham Distillery – Prince Bishops Shopping Centre

Face masks from B&Q

Trailer Toilets will be available for competitors and helpers/volunteers in the car park at Durham Amateur Rowing Club.  These will be cleaned throughout the regatta and fully serviced between Saturday and Sunday.  Please follow any notices with regard to social distancing and use of the toilets that may be posted at the entrance.

Attendees are reminded to maintain appropriate social distancing and observe good hygiene practices at all times and to bring their own hand sanitizer with them for use during the regatta.