The Vikings are coming!

Colin LawsonNews

The Vikings are coming to Durham Regatta!

The Vikings is a re-enactment society dedicated to recreating the life and times of the Dark Age period.

They will be in action for the Regatta weekend with displays of historic crafts and daily life, Viking-age weapons and exciting combat.

Activities will include:

* weapons and armoury displays
* cooking, textile crafts (spinning, weaving, braid making), basketry, net making
* living history will be ongoing and people can talk to the Vikings as they wander around the display

Kiddie Vike and combat demonstrations will take place throughout the afternoon – a chance for children to be drilled in shield wall technique and take part in a controlled mock battle.

Dunholm Vikings will be preparing for VikeFest 2022, the UK’s largest gathering of Viking re-enactment societies, near Derby 2 weeks later. A memorable and enjoyable day is assured for all who come to watch.

The Vikings