Volunteers needed for Riverbanks Restoration Plans

Colin LawsonNews

The River Wear and its wooded banks are among Durham’s iconic features, but they are in declining condition. Initiatives have now begun to reverse this. Could you help?

A major worry is the spread of three invasive, non-native plants, Japanese Knotweed, Indian or Himalayan Balsam, and Giant Hogweed.

The need to deal with these has become urgent, and the expert Wear Rivers Trust (WRT) and other community groups are looking for volunteers to help remove alien plants, starting this spring and summer.

For more details about these Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) see https://bit.ly/3HkvgSZ

If you are interested in helping the INNS project please get in touch with the Wear Rivers Trust at admin@wear-rivers-trust.org.uk

The WRT is working closely with the recently formed “Durham City Riverscape Community” set up in co-ordination with Durham City Parish Council. This is a group involving the many local users and enjoyers of the river, whether commercial or for sport or leisure. It is overseen by City of Durham Trust member Martin Hiles, a logistics expert with skill in river management.

Information about the work of the Wear Rivers Trust can be found at https://wear-rivers-trust.org.uk/

Members of Durham Regatta are involved and have already contributed to clean up operations that commenced last Autumn.

More details about the initiatives underway can be found in the City of Durham Trust’s Rivers Flyer.