Additions to commentary team

Colin LawsonNews

Two new faces will be joining the Regatta’s commentary team this year, Jennifer Bartram and Rob Cree.

Jennifer is well known as a BBC Weather Presenter and she will also be presenting the prizes for the 2019 Regatta. She graduated from Durham University and has for the past ten years been rowing and coxing at Parr’s Priory Rowing Club on the Tideway. She has recent experience of commentating at the National Schools’ Regatta and Metropolitan Regatta.

Rob is well known from his work in the Northern Region over many years with British Rowing and he is currently Rowing Coach with York Sport at the University of York.

Along with James Andrews, Richard Court and Michael Laing they will join the team led by Andrew Bryant, dividing resources between commentary positions near the start and finish of the short course, and when resources permit operating with two commentators in the box.

One familiar voice sadly missing will be that of Keith Yates, the Regatta’s senior commentator for over 40 years, who died in January of this year. Keith was associated with the Regatta for over 60 years and we will be celebrating his life in rowing and dedicating the 186th Durham Regatta to his memory.