Entries now being accepted

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Entries are now being accepted for the 185th Prestige Student Living Durham Regatta taking place on the 9th and 10th June.

Copies of the regatta prospectus are available on the Competitors page.

Entries officially close at 22:00 on Thursday 31st May but we expect to reach capacity before then so please do not delay making your entries. As in previous years we are working hard to strike the right balance to: provide good competition in each event; provide racing for a range of standards whilst promoting the top level of competition; and to limit entry numbers to manageable levels.

This year sees the full introduction of the new British Rowing Competition Structure. As such the structure of the senior events is a little different to previous years. We will be operating a banding system within each division. However in order to split entries to allow equipment sharing many boat classes are split into two separate divisions:

On Saturday we offer Elite and Beginner/Intermediate events. Our aim is to roughly split the total entry 50%/50% between the two and band within each. As such we are placing an average PRI ceiling of 50 points per competitor on Beginner/Intermediate events.

On Sunday we offer Championship and non-Championship events. Here the limit is set higher such that we hope 20% of crews will be racing in banded Championship events with the remainder being banded in non-Championship. The average PRI ceiling for non-Championship events is 100 points per competitor.

I have received a number of questions from crews who are concerned that they are not of “Elite” or “Championship” status despite what their points may say. Please be assured that you aren’t the only crews in this situation and we fully intend to use banding to ensure that crews of similar points levels are racing each other. This is the new competition structure working as intended. The more crews we have at the higher levels of competition the finer the granularity of banding which then, hopefully, leads to closer racing.

Please don’t delay putting your entries in.

See you on the 9th and 10th.

Best Regards.
Richard & the Regatta team.

Richard Mortimer
Entries Secretary
07817 223 485