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British Heart Foundation

british heart foundation

Supported by the late Gordon Terry, an advocate of rowing.

Year Winner
2023Sun Durham ARC (Appleby – F)

Race: Race 69 at 11:51
1st place: Durham ARC (Appleby – F) (Racecourse Station)
2nd place: Tyne ARC (Clark – B) (Pelaw Wood Station)
Verdict: 0.5 lengths
Time to finish: 2:16
2022Sun Warrington RC (Holmes – D)
OPEN MASTERS C/D eight-oared (OpMasCD8+)

Race: Race 60 at 11:57
1st place: Warrington RC (Holmes – D) (Pelaw Wood Station)
2nd place: Tyne ARC (Barwick – C) (Racecourse Station)
Verdict: 1/2L
Time to finish: 2:17
2021Sun Durham ARC (Calkin – E)
OPEN MASTERS E eight-oared (Op MasE 8+)

Race: Race 84 at 12:36
1st place: Durham ARC (Calkin – E) (Pelaw Wood Station)
2nd place: Tyne ARC (Ringer – E) (Racecourse Station)
Verdict: 1.5 lengths
2018Sat Durham ARC (E)
WOMEN’S MASTERS C/E eight-oared (W.MasCE.8+)

Race: Race 114 at 12:42
1st place: Durham ARC (E) (Racecourse Station)
2nd place: Tyne ARC (C) (Pelaw Wood Station)
Verdict: 3.25L
Time to finish: 2:34.2
2015Sat Tyne RC
OPEN MASTERS D coxed four-oared (MasD.4+)

Race: Race 102 at 11:42
1st place: Tyne RC (Lane 1)
2nd place: Durham ARC (Lane 2)
2014Sat Tyne RC (Chappell – E)

Race: Race 293 at 18:26
1st place: Tyne RC (Chappell – E) (Lane 2)
2nd place: Durham ARC (Mathewson – D) (Lane 1)
Time to finish: 2:13
2013Sat Durham ARC (F)
OPEN MASTERS D/F eight-oared (MasDF.8+)

Race: Race 269 at 18:12
1st place: Durham ARC (F) (Lane 2)
2nd place: Tees RC (D) (Lane 1)