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Doncaster Rowing Club

Year Event Winner
2018Sun MasAC.4x- Wardman Yates Challenge CupDoncaster (C)
OPEN MASTERS A/C coxless quadruple sculling (MasAC.4x-)

Race: Race 201 at 18:03
1st place: Doncaster (C) (Racecourse Station)
2nd place: Chester-le-Street (White – A) (Pelaw Wood Station)
Verdict: 2L
Time to finish: 2:10.5
2015Sun IM3.8+ Joseph Brown Memorial CupDoncaster RC/Durham Sch
OPEN INTERMEDIATE 3 eight-oared (IM3.8+)

Race: Race 106 at 12:24
1st place: Doncaster RC/Durham Sch (Lane 1)
2nd place: Tyne RC (Lane 2)
Verdict: 1 length
2011Sun W.IM2.1x Charles Curtis TrophyDoncaster RC (Peel)
WOMEN’S INTERMEDIATE 2 sculling (W.IM2.1x)

Race: Race 170 at 16:33
1st place: Doncaster RC (Peel) (Lane 1)
2nd place: Durham UBC (Wright) (Lane 2)
Verdict: 3 lengths
Time to finish: 2:39
2011Sat W.IM2.1x Doncaster RC (Peel)
WOMEN’S INTERMEDIATE 2 sculling (W.IM2.1x)

Race: Race 239 at 18:22
1st place: Doncaster RC (Peel) (Lane 2)
2nd place: Tees RC (Fairs) (Lane 1)
Verdict: 1 length
2010Sat J18.2x Doncaster RC
OPEN JUNIOR 18 double sculling (J18.2x)

Race: Race 109 at 12:20
1st place: Doncaster RC (Lane 1)
2010Sat SEN.4+ Erik Brown TrophyDoncaster/Doncaster Sch RA
OPEN SENIOR coxed four-oared (SEN.4+)

Race: Race 124 at 13:02
1st place: Doncaster/Doncaster Sch RA (Lane 1)
2nd place: Durham Univ BC (Lane 2)
Verdict: disqualified