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Newcastle Breweries Sculls Challenge Cup

Scottish and Newcastle Ltd Skulls Challenge Cup

Named after the brewery formerly based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Year Winner
2021Sun Leeds RC (Moloney)
OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP B sculling (Op ChB 1x)

Race: Race 165 at 16:48
1st place: Leeds RC (Moloney) (Pelaw Wood Station)
2nd place: Leeds RC (Farly) (Racecourse Station)
Verdict: 2.5 lengths
2018Sun Durham Univ BC (Roe)
OPEN LIGHTWEIGHT sculling (Op Lwt 1x)

Race: Race 189 at 17:27
1st place: Durham Univ BC (Roe) (Racecourse Station)
2nd place: University College (Burke) (Pelaw Wood Station)
Verdict: Easily
Time to finish: 2:24.6
2017Sun Talkin Tarn ARC (Smith)
OPEN LIGHTWEIGHT sculling (Lwt.1x)

Race: Race 193 at 17:39
1st place: Talkin Tarn ARC (Smith) (Racecourse Station)
2nd place: St Leonard’s School (Rushforth) (Pelaw Wood Station)
Verdict: 3/4 length
Time to finish: 2:26
2016Sun Lancaster University (Herrod)

Race: Race 205 at 18:03
1st place: Lancaster University (Herrod) (Pelaw Wood Station)
2nd place: Salford University (Mathewson) (Racecourse Station)
2015Sun Queen Elizabeth HS (Nixon)

Race: Race 230 at 17:24
1st place: Queen Elizabeth HS (Nixon) (Lane 2)
2nd place: Leeds University (Gaunt) (Lane 1)
Verdict: ½ length
2013Sun Tees RC (Johnson)
OPEN INTERMEDIATE 2 sculling (IM2.1x)

Race: Race 224 at 17:39
1st place: Tees RC (Johnson) (Lane 2)
2nd place: Sheffield City (Morris) (Lane 1)
2011Sun Durham ARC (Tully)
OPEN INTERMEDIATE 2 sculling (IM2.1x)

Race: Race 178 at 17:03
1st place: Durham ARC (Tully) (Lane 2)
2nd place: Leeds UBC (Bissell) (Lane 1)
Verdict: easily
Time to finish: 2:29
2010Sun Newcastle Univ (Bowers)
OPEN INTERMEDIATE 2 sculling (IM2.1x)

Race: Race 92 at 12:21
1st place: Newcastle Univ (Bowers) (Lane 1)
2nd place: RV Willem III, Amsterdam (Meerman) (Lane 2)
Verdict: 1 ½ length
2009Sun Chester-le-St ARC (Curry)
IM2.1x (IM2.1x)

Race: Race 162 at 14:42
1st place: Chester-le-St ARC (Curry) (Lane 1)
2nd place: City of Sunderland RC (Gibson) (Lane 2)
Verdict: 4 lengths