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St John’s College Boat Club

Year Event Winner
2024Sun Op NCA 4+ Durham University Challenge TrophyGrey Coll/St John’s Coll (Fleming)
OPEN NON-CHAMPIONSHIP A coxed four-oared (Op NCA 4+)

Race: Race 73 at 12:03
1st place: Grey Coll/St John’s Coll (Fleming) (Racecourse Station)
2nd place: Trevelyan Coll BC (Brown) (Pelaw Wood Station)
Verdict: 2 ½ lengths
Time to finish: 2:23
2022Sat W Mdn 4+ St John’s College (Calcutt)
WOMEN’S COLLEGE MAIDEN coxed four-oared (W Mdn 4+)

Race: Race 239 at 18:07
1st place: St John’s College (Calcutt) (Racecourse Station)
2nd place: St John’s College (Larson) (Pelaw Wood Station)
Verdict: Easily
Time to finish: 3:12
2015Sun IM2.8+(b) St John’s College
OPEN INTERMEDIATE 2 eight-oared (IM2.8+(b))

Race: Race 242 at 17:51
1st place: St John’s College (Lane 2)
2nd place: Chester le Street ARC (Lane 1)
2013Sun Nov.8+ Lowe Challenge BowlSt Chads/St Johns
OPEN NOVICE eight-oared (Nov.8+)

Race: Race 227 at 17:48
1st place: St Chads/St Johns (Lane 1)
2nd place: York City (Lane 2)
2010Sun IM2.4+ Rushworth & Storey Challenge CupSt Johns College
OPEN INTERMEDIATE 2 coxed four-oared (IM2.4+)

Race: Race 102 at 13:04
1st place: St Johns College (Lane 2)
2nd place: John O Gaunt RC (Lane 1)
Verdict: 3 lengths
2010Sun NOV.4+ Lady Herschell PlateSt Johns College (Sanchez Salgado)
OPEN NOVICE coxed four-oared (NOV.4+)

Race: Race 214 at 17:33
1st place: St Johns College (Sanchez Salgado) (Lane 1)
2nd place: John O Gaunt RC (Lane 2)
Verdict: 2 lengths
2010Sat IM3.4+ Durham City PlateSt Johns College
OPEN INTERMEDIATE 3 coxed four-oared (IM3.4+)

Race: Race 242 at 17:28
1st place: St Johns College (Lane 1)
2nd place: A S R Nereus, Amsterdam (Lane 2)
Verdict: 1 length
2009Sat IM3.8+ Arthur C Clark Challenge CupSt. John’s College BC
IM3.8+ (IM3.8+)

Race: Race 221 at 16:53
1st place: St. John’s College BC (Lane 1)
2nd place: Newcastle UBC (Lane 2)
Verdict: ½ length