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Wardman Yates Challenge Cup

wardman yates challenge cup

Donated by Keith Yates, former cox, members of DARC and the Regatta and a commentator. This trophy is in memory of Michael Wardman.

Year Winner
2016Sun Durham ARC »
OPEN INTERMEDIATE 3 coxless quadruple sculling (IM3.4x-)

Race: Race 91 at 12:22
1st place: Durham ARC (Pelaw Wood Station)
2nd place: Leeds University (Racecourse Station)
Verdict: 1 ½ length
2015Sun Durham ARC »
OPEN MASTERS D coxless quadruple sculling (MasD.4x-)

Race: Race 100 at 12:12
1st place: Durham ARC (Lane 1)
2nd place: Talkin Tarn ARC (Lane 2)
Verdict: Easily
2014Sun Durham ARC (Seed – E) »
OPEN MASTERS C/D/E HANDICAP coxed four-oared (MasCDE.4+)

Race: Race 238 at 17:40
1st place: Durham ARC (Seed – E) (Lane 1)
2nd place: Chester-le-Street (C) (Lane 2)
Verdict: easily
Time to finish: 2:33
2013Sun Durham ARC (French – A) »
OPEN MASTERS A/C coxed four-oared (MasAC.4+)

Race: Race 214 at 17:09
1st place: Durham ARC (French – A) (Lane 1)
2nd place: Durham ARC (Lyons – C) (Lane 2)
2011Sat Cambois/DARC/Dur Sch/Talkin Tarn (C) »
OPEN MASTERS HANDICAP coxless quadruple sculling (MasCD.4x-)

Race: Race 52 at 9:55
1st place: Cambois/DARC/Dur Sch/Talkin Tarn (C) (Lane 2)
2nd place: Durham ARC (D) (Lane 1)
Verdict: 2 lengths
Time to finish: 2:18
2009Sun Durham ARC (C) »
VetCD.4+ (VetCD.4+)

Race: Race 245 at 18:15
1st place: Durham ARC (C) (Lane 1)
2nd place: Chester-le-St ARC (D) (Lane 2)
Verdict: 3/4 length